With an amazing sound and incredible atmosphere, Monsta X turned heads with their WE ARE HERE tour in Sydney this past Wednesday at the International Convention Centre in Sydney.

Fans were treated to both great service and music, and were thrilled to see youngest member (maknae) and lead rapper I.M’s appearance on stage after a bout of poor health.

Despite the language barrier with the Aussie fans, the band members made an effort to speak English when they could. They also brought their A-game when it came to entertaining the crowd, from acting cute (aegyo) with the crowd to showing exclusive skits they created for the tour.

The show included popular hits like Alligator, Play it Cool and Shoot Out, as well as older tracks Trespass, Hero, Party Time and Oh My. The set also included a few unit performances containing unreleased tracks.

Their encore performance included DJ H.One (Hyungwon) giving us an amazing beat to conclude the concert, before all members bowed and waved goodbye to their adoring fans. And of course, it wouldn’t be a Monsta X show without Wonho taking his shirt off.

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