Wango Tango 2019 dominated Carson, California, and MTT was lucky enough to be in attendance.

iHeartRadio certainly didn’t hold back with the line up this year – it was the perfect snapshot of their summer 2019 playlist and featured the who’s who or radio and charts such as Ally Brooke, Ava Max, Fletcher, Tomorrow X Together or TXT to fans, Zedd, 5SOS, Halsey, Jonas Brothers and, to top it off, the princess of pop Taylor Swift. Could there have been a more perfect line up? I don’t think so!

With a seamless mix of Pop, Dance, RnB and a little K-Pop to round it out, Wango Tango 2019 definitely set themselves up for success, and with just over 20,000 people lucky enough to nab tickets (with prices starting at $98USD) it certainly was!

Check out some of the highlights below.

Wango Tango took place Saturday, 1 June 2019 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

We attended Wango Tango 2019 to determine the possibility of adding it to our roster of already amazing festival travel experiences. Though the concert was amazing and the acts were out of this world, unless you were traveling to the states for another festival we wouldn’t do it as a one off – though if you’d like to we can certainly help arrange it. Just send us an email here.

A Day in the Life of a Wango Tango attendee

The show was amazing from start to finish and it is hard to cover it all, so we’ve popped a day in the life article to help give you the full picture.


The Set List

Before anyone notices one omission from this set list, we’ve given Fletcher a reprieve because she’s relatively new and we’d really need to see her ‘live’ to comment. Her performance at Wango Tango was neither live nor impressive, missing a complete line of your song when lip syncing is a no no – just ask Britney.

5 Seconds of Summer

Kicking off Wango Tango 2019 in a huge way, Australia’s 5SOS got the crowd on their feet. The audio visual bumps were noticeable but forgivable since the performance was upbeat, fun and got everyone dancing.

Tomorrow X Together (TXT)

It was a quick set from K-Pop sensation TXT but their fans were loud and proud as they took the stage with their very well coordinated choreography. The guys certainly knew how to move – perhaps they could be the new BTS?

Ava Max

Bringing booty back, Ava Max and her asymmetrical hair cut graced the stage with dance troupe in tow for a short but sweet and psycho set.

Ally Brooke

Honestly there were zero expectations when Ally Brooke took the stage, having no real clue who she was. While we weren’t blown away she wasn’t bad. The crowd seemed fairly hyped when Tyga took the stage with her… we couldn’t really relate to that either, maybe it’s an American thing?


Not really worth the section heading but the crowd went absolutely mental for this guy! On stage for all of two minutes and people were losing their minds, it was entertaining to watch them go gaga for Tyga. We personally think some of his star power comes from his previous relationship with Kylie Jenner more than from sheer talent, but that’s just us.


Wow – not sure whether it was a lack of expectations or fan girl status but Halsey absolutely blew us away! Her energy and enthusiasm completely rocked the crowd and we will definitely be lining up to see her perform again!


Having not been to a dance festival, the audience response to Zedd was completely new to us but damn if it wasn’t fun. Imagine a sea of bouncing glow sticks, which transformed Wango Tango into more of a nightclub than a festival – if the nightclub was packed full of 20,000+ people. Zedd just kept spinning and the hit tracks kept on playing. Half hour or so of non-stop movement. We even heard one reveller say it was better than sex.

Jonas Brothers

After a six-year hiatus the Jonas Brothers looked comfortable together on stage and didn’t miss a beat! Breaking out some old tunes and throwing in their new hits, the guys didn’t disappoint. We were ‘lucky’ enough to have one of what we assume was their biggest fans in front of us, she knew every word to every song and was extremely animated from the moment they took the stage. It was a great set and a memorable performance.

Taylor Swift

Pop Queen T-Swift put on a colourful, unique performance that was second to none. Appearing in a rainbow ensemble – her tribute to Pride month for the LGBT community – she didn’t hold back Shaking it off before launching into some older crowd favourites. Taylor truly puts on a show, her performance a wash of bubbly and playful choreography, well-timed pyrotechnics, and a surprise guest appearance (it wouldn’t be a Taylor Swift performance without one), with Brendon Urie popping on stage to perform their hit collab ME!

  • Shake It Off
  • Blank Space
  • I Knew You Were Trouble
  • Love Story
  • Delicate (Acoustic)
  • Style
  • We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
  • ME! feat. Brendon Urie

We had a few Taylor Swift videos from Wango Tango but YouTube copyright removed them 🙁

For more clips check out our YouTube channel. If you’d like to relive the Wango Tango set list, we’ve curated a Wango Tango 2019 playlist!