With remakes of Men in Black and Charlie’s Angels hitting the big screens in 2019, Mean Girls now on Broadway, and The Hills back on MTV, you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d travelled back to the early 2000s. 

A wave of nostalgia has swept Hollywood and it’s bringing in audiences in record numbers. The music industry has been quick to notice. Some of the biggest names in pop are jumping on the bandwagon to get their fill. Perhaps it’s the immense uncertainty of modern life, but consumers are desperate for a taste of the past and are willing to put down the big bucks to get a slice. 

Reunion tours galore

Earlier this year, The Spice Girls kicked this trend into overdrive with a small concert tour in the UK. The pinnacle of girl power reunited for a select few shows that promised to bring back all their classic bops. It showed that their selling power hasn’t diminished over the last decade – Ticketmaster UK reported a record breaking 700,000 buyers were online at one time to try and get their seats.

Not to be outdone, rumours are now flying that Beyonce is set on a Destiny’s Child reunion tour. The trio rose to prominence at the start of the 21st century with smash hits such as Survivor and Independent Woman Part 1 before disbanding in 2006. 

Audiences were given a sneak peak of what could be in Beyonce’s iconic 2018 Coachella set. Michelle and Kelly joined her in performing a medley of their classic hits. The subsequent release of the Netflix special, Homecoming, proved once again that audiences have the appetite. With a 98% positive review score on Rotten Tomato and six Emmy nominations, audiences are clamouring for more. 

Noughties nostalgia

It’s not just big ticket throwback concerts either. Today’s biggest stars are also looking for ways to get in on the action.

Taylor Swift’s 2017 banger Look What You Made Me Do drew its tune from the 1991 Right Said Fred hit, I’m Too Sexy. The catchy beat earned them a writing credit on her album and Swift a spot at the top of the charts.

Even Ariana Grande couldn’t resist joining in on the noughties nostalgia. Her now iconic thank u next music video played on some of our favourite 2000’s characters. Grande and her dancers reenacted scenes from Mean Girls, Bring it On and Suddenly 30 throughout the video. Viewers responded in turn with an impressive 93.8 million views in seven days.

This trend isn’t slowing down and we’re not mad at it (but let’s hope that low rise jeans and visible whale tails stay in the past).