On September 20, global sweetheart of body positivity, Lizzo, blessed Canada with a one-night-only Toronto concert as part of her world tour.

We were privileged enough to go along and can confirm it is the chicken soup for the soul of musical experiences.

Originally slated for an intimate club setting before Juice went viral, the venue was relocated to the Budweiser Stage to accommodate the more than 16,000 people who snapped up tickets.

Despite the crowds, the atmosphere was undeniably chill. While awaiting her arrival, people sipped bottles (yes, whole bottles) of wine from guitar-shaped cups and milled about the arena chatting. There were, of course, fire outfits aplenty and more than a few impromptu renditions of Truth Hurts erupting among the crowd.

Lizzo took to the stage at around 10pm and made it immediately clear what this concert was all about: the voice. The set design was minimal and there were only a handful of backup dancers. All eyes were on her and she certainly didn’t disappoint.

Despite opening with one of her lesser known songs, the raw vocals and incredibly powerful delivery had the audience hooked in a heartbeat. The ‘love yourself’ theme of the album became a palpable wave across the crowd, resulting in some seriously bodacious dance moves and more than a few teary eyed hugs among friends.

Of course, we couldn’t talk about the Lizzo concert without talking about the flute solo. During Truth Hurts, the singer comes through with her now iconic flute interlude. Even though everyone was anticipating it, it still felt spontaneous and unexpected. It was a pinnacle moment of the concert that distills the essence of what she’s there to do, which is create a real connection with her audience.

As the show closes on a encore of Juice, the crowd collectively loses it and we all walk away with a renewed sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

The show, much like Lizzo’s music, somehow manages to be both light-hearted and profound. With little to distract the audience from the vocal performance, she fully commits and brings everyone along the ride with her.

Although dates haven’t been announced yet, Lizzo confirmed on Instagram live back in June that she would be touring Australia in January 2020. If you need a feel good moment that harnesses the power of music, we recommend you keep your eyes peeled for tickets.