Ateez’s Expedition tour has finally come to an end here in Sydney after an amazing show at The Big Top, with an incredible performance that left fans in awe.

Dedicated fans lined up along the wharf in the freezing cold since the early hours of the morning keen to see their idols perform in their home city for the first, but definitely not the last, time.

Even with two of their members in less than ideal condition (the full details of their conditions have been withheld from the public), the whole group still managed to perform seamlessly. While Seonghwa had to sit on a chair for a majority of the show and Mingi took frequent breaks from the show and primarily lip synced, the rest of the group still carried on with the show to deliver a memorable spectacle.

After Ateez’s first set of songs including Pirate King, Treasure, Desire, Light and Stay, they decided to show us covers of some of their favourite English songs starting with Sicko Mode by Travis Scott and concluding with One Time Coming by YG.

A surprise appearance from Ateez’s supporting act, Maddox, didn’t disappoint. Although a relatively underground artist, the crowd cheered when they heard his breakthrough song But Maybe. His act concluded with a cover of Unaware by Allen Stone which lit up the whole theatre as he hit the high notes with ease.

Ateez returned after Maddox with a bang, revealing the stage for the latest hit song Wave, stunning everyone with brilliant aesthetics and sound. Likewise with coupling track Illusion, which had everyone singing along from start to finish.

Then came the fun skits, fan interactions and cover dances. These included things such as trying to dance to Wave without using your arms and a sexy dance version of Aurora. They also tried their hand at covering some of their fellow K-Pop artist’s dances such as EXO’s Ko Ko Bop, Izone’s Violeta, Monsta X’s Shoot Out, Twice’s Yes or Yes and finally their brother group Block B’s hit song Toy.

Speaking of Aurora, that was the stage to follow and boy was it one to remember. Not only was the song written by Ateez’s leader Hongjoong during their first world tour, it was powerful enough to reduce many fans to tears with the group’s clear passion as they performed.

The following song’s performed included Twilight and Stay before coming to a video segment where each member shared some of their rehearsal performances before embarking on the tour. This included interviews the boys conducted among themselves in order to extract TMI (Too Much Information) from their fellow members – something the crowd really loved.

That segment gave them time to change outfits and prepare for their strongest performance yet. Halla Halla had the whole audience bopping from the first beat and was easily the loudest the audience was the whole night.

Although Seonghwa had been seated since the Wave performance, he rose to his feet once again saying that seeing his dedicated fans made him want to stand up and dance. This came just in time for their famed comeback song Say My Name, followed by their debut album’s final track My Way and latest album’s leading track, Utopia.

In honour of Mingi’s birthday, his band mates presented the birthday boy with a macaron cake as the crowd sang Happy Birthday.

By this point in the evening, the guys had sung 14 of their 15 feature length released songs – which left just one more…

The Dancing Like Butterfly Wings performance was the perfect conclusion to both their One To All album and their Australian tour. Fans sang along and waved their last goodbyes as they said farewell to Ateez… some of them at least.

After the concert concluded and the fans caught their breathe came the Hi Touch event, giving fans the chance to high five and say a few words to each of the band members. A memorable parting gift for all Atinys (aka Ateez’s fandom) and one they would not soon forget.

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